Consumers expect products that have better quality, more flexibility, and new features at a lower price. For example, digital cameras can record short movies, digital camcorders can take pictures, and MP3 players can record voices. To keep up with today's consumer electronics needs, design and test engineers need flexible, high-performance test systems. National Instruments offers a software-based measurement strategy, using modular instruments that make it easy to quickly adapt to the latest audio, video, and wireless requirements. The result is an integrated test platform that can keep pace with new innovations.
Develop High-Performance Parallel Test Systems
Learn more about the low cost, easy-to-use, flexible PC technology
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When you need...
Measurements and Automation

Machine Vision System
These cameras work with the entire suite of vision algorithms available in the network vision software platform.

Optical Application System
We design and manufacture applied laser systems and units for research, development, and industrial applications .

Energy Management System
These products integrate three main elements of  systems: Monitoring , Analyze and control
Measurements and Automation System
Monitoring or control system. With industrial measurement and control hardware
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