Data Streaming
High-speed data streaming is the act of transferring data between an instrument and memory, either on a host PC or on a hard disk drive. National Instruments offers data-streaming solutions that can sustain transfers at 600 MB/s for up to 2 terabytes of data. Individual modular instruments from NI are capable of:
  • 100 MS/s (200 MB/s) time-domain acquisition
  • 100 MS/s (200 MB/s) arbitrary waveform generation
  • 20 MHz bandwidth (100 MB/s) radio frequency (RF) recording and playback
  • 50 MHz (200 MB/s) digital pattern acquisition and generation
Featured Data-Streaming Applications
RF Recording and Playback
Learn about real-time streaming of radio frequency (RF) signals to and from disk. Related applications include spectral (spectrum) monitoring and signal intelligence.
IF/Baseband Streaming
Obtain information on intermediate frequency (IF) and baseband time domain signal streaming to and from disk.
Noise Mapping
Learn about high-channel-count sensor arrays that spatially locate sources of noise and vibration. This application is also known as acoustic imaging.
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When you need...
Measurements and Automation

Machine Vision System
These cameras work with the entire suite of vision algorithms available in the network vision software platform.

Optical Application System
We design and manufacture applied laser systems and units for research, development, and industrial applications .

Energy Management System
These products integrate three main elements of  systems: Monitoring , Analyze and control
Measurements and Automation System
Monitoring or control system. With industrial measurement and control hardware
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